Leah Shirley

I am licensed massage therapist and have been practicing bodywork since 2005. I work with many different types of clients, including but not limited to those dealing with chronic and acute pain, car accidents victims, amateur and professional athletes as well as those struggling with postural dysfunction.  

Through my practice I have found the most effective work to be in manipulation of the connective tissue or fascia especially in conjunction with body awareness and mindful movement or exercise.

My passion is to combine a regular Bikram Yoga practice with hands on manipulation or massage.

List of services:

  • Single Bodywork Session

  • Bodywork session in combination with a private yoga lesson

  • Bodywork/Private Yoga Lesson 4 series :

  • Who can benefit from the 4 Series?

The series is designed for those who have a regular practice of a minimum of 2 classes per week.  The seasoned practitioner, someone who is experiencing chronic pain, or if you have a recurring injury you can learn to unravel bad habits and conditioned ways of holding and living in the body.

  • What to expect?

Completing the series will take about 5-6 weeks.  One must practice a minimum of 2 times per week to integrate the bodywork. This type of bodywork requires an active participant; one who is open to becoming more aware of their body and how we use it in everyday life as well as in the yoga practice.

Starting over in the hot room.  It is possible that in order to break old habits and patterning there will be times in class that the participant will only be holding the setup of certain postures and in some cases standing still during the pose.

This series of sessions is not designed to diagnose or cure.


Please contact me to see if my services can meet your personal health goals.

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