Receive an individualized prescription using a combination of breathing exercises, movement, yoga postures and meditation tailored to meet your physical and emotional needs. 

Julie is a certified Ghosh Yoga Therapist and Doctor of Pharmacy.

Therapeutic yoga restores and stimulates the natural functions of the body.

Movement is medicine. 

  • Have a desire to decrease your chronic prescription drug intake? 
  • Do you find yourself taking Ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatories more days than not?
  • Want to go deeper in your practice (or any sport or hobby) but finding tightness or limited range of motion somewhere?
  • Not making it to yoga class today but want something you can do at home?
  • Want to learn a series to prepare to sit in lotus? 
  • Kids also respond well to yoga therapy, and it's also lots of fun!

The deep history of Ghosh Yoga

  • The Late Yogendra Bishnu Charan Ghosh was a yogic physical culturist, initially trained by his older brother, Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, the renown author of “Autobiography of a Yogi”.
    • Bishnu Ghosh's system involved muscle control methods and training of body builders. He toured the world with his students in the 1930s-80s demonstrating feats of incredible physical and mental strength, including yoga posture demonstrations and the following video. Disclaimer: The following video is an exhibition and in no way a demonstration of my training or results of training with me! 
    • Ghosh's Yoga College was established in Kolkatta, India in 1923 by Bishnu Ghosh here he started a community clinic using yoga postures and movement as treatment for various physical and mental ailments. 


    “What is desirable in body culture is the harmonious development of power over the voluntary action of muscles and the involuntary processes of health, lungs, stomach and other organs and important glands” -Bishnu Ghosh

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    Clinic Session #1 - Intake
    1 hour

    Julie will spend time getting to know your your individual needs and goals for health. Bring your regular and as needed use of prescription, over the counter and herbal medication list or Rx bottles. Julie will complete a DUR (Drug Utilization Review) to review each medicine and check for potential drug-drug and drug-herb interactions.

    Pharmacist tip: This is a great time to check for and properly discard expired medication. 

    Clinic Session #2 - Learn Your Prescription

    Learn your tailored Yoga Rx! This sequence can include a combination of: breathing exercises, physical exercises, yoga postures & meditation. The average Yoga Rx is 20-25 minutes of individualized intentional healing, meant to be practiced daily. At a minimum, commit to practicing your Yoga Rx at least 10 times a month.  



    Visit 4 and beyond - Prescription Update

    As you build strength, balance and flexibility over time you will progress. The addition and replacement of movement will be prescribed to further deepen your practice. 


    Clinic Session #3 - Prescription Review / Adjustments
    1 hour

    1 month after practicing your daily prescription, Julie will monitor your Yoga Rx and give further individual adjustments. It's a private lesson of your own Yoga Rx.



    Clinic Sessions #1-3: $250

    Subsequent YogaRx updates:

    YogaRx open studio time Sundays 2-3 PM (timing subject to change)
    Suggested donation to Karma Yoga (selfless service) Program supporting studio community service opportunities: $5

    To book an appointment with Julie send her an email: