Why do a 30 day challenge?

Commiting to a thirty day challenge doesn't mean you have to kill yourself or do 30 classes in 30 days. At our studio, we invite you to choose your challenge, pick a number of classes 15 - 30 and give it a try.

Some of the benefits of a challenge like this are obvious, the more you practice the stronger and more flexible you become.  However, the mental and emotional benefits are certainly not to be overlooked. When you tell yourself that you taking 30 days to care for yourself anything is possible. We learn the mental srength of not giving up, and showing up even when doing anything else seems more enticing. We are telling our organism that health and healing come first.


Maybe you feel stuck in some aspect of your life; in a job or a relationship that doesn't seem to be serving you, or a way of thinking about yourself or others that could use a flip?  When we tell our minds we are taking 30 days of self care the subconscious steps up to the plate ready to do the work.  

Give it a try! What do you have to loose, a bad habit pehaps?!

In honor of selfcare, anyone who signs up for the challenge receives $25 OFF a massage/bodywork session.  To redeem, please contact leah@bikramseportland.com

See you in the hot room!

Leah & the BYSE Portland team

Namaste Notes - Words of Challenge

Everyday a reminder: you want the impossible.
Everyday a salute to myself: si se puede. 

I dream of soaring still in eagle and gracing in bow. Now, I'm a clumsy turkey and awkward bow tie and it's ok! I do this everyday cuz I can't wait for me to get out of me so I can discover that tranquil cosmic sea, hush that neurotic ego yelling at me, and prowl in the world as a vagabond tiger of control, power, mirth and other precious things. 

So everyday a pledge: namaste.