The Solstice is upon us and the light is coming with each day, although the dark days of winter are still very much a reality for a few more months. Winter is associated with the direction of the North. In the Peruvian culture the north (Above) is the realm of spiritual healing and we align ourselves with the energies of the Supreme Creator/Creatrix – Wiracocha. Its element is Air and tutelary animals, Condor/Eagle, whose shamanic region is known as Chinchaysuyu. These associations vary widely with different traditions.


The months of winter bring an opportunity to turn inward and slow down, tend to our health. Personally I have found these months to be the most challenging. Be conscious about your mental health and when you are straying away from feeling...good. A few of my flashing red lights are: negative self talk “I’m not good enough, etc. feeling busy or that there’s not enough time, or no one understands me. When I hear these little gremlins making their way into my daily thoughts I know I’m getting out of balance.

What are your warning signals? What brings you back to balance?

Write down your list. Here’s mine:

  • Sleep.  Sleep deprivation starts with 2 consecutive nights of less than 7 hours of sleep.

  • Eat warm food.

  • Do yoga.

  • Spend time with a close friend at least once per week.

  • Walk barefoot on the Earth

I find self care super important and often need the support of a community or healthcare professional.  

We have some exceptional healers among us:

Located right next door, in Terri’s studio we have high end, industry leading equipment available to us to address our physiology on the cellular level! It’s dark out, get some light. Thor Low Level Light Therapy has become a weekly treasure of mine.  Check it out:

Acupuncture and massage

Massage Therapy and private yoga and movement lessons

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And enjoy a hand pie, fresh salad or hot golden milk made with love by one of our instructors, Heather. All gluten free/vegan, and close to the studio!

Thanks for spending your time with us in the hot room.  

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