Namaste Notes - Stop the Thirst!

Welcome back, fellow yogis! This month we are not going to embark on a new chapter just yet, instead I want to extend our previous glistening dialogue to include hydration and the importance of electrolytes. Hydration and electrolytes work synergistically to help us feel how we want and should: good! So...if you are not feeling good, this could mean something is out of balance.

New students are informed they might feel dizzy, nauseous or experience cramping and these all can be symptoms of dehydration. Sadly enough, most of us are dehydrated on a regular basis. 

Our thirst is often mistaken for something else like fatigue, hunger or a headache.

But actually, all the above signs can be symptoms of dehydration. Every cell in us needs water to operate correctly and this need is magnetised after a detoxing and rejuvenating bikram class.

Proper hydration cannot happen during class! It must happen before and after.

It takes our body almost an hour to fully process our water taken in one sitting. So the water we sip in class is not meant to hydrate but more to refresh us.

If we are craving water from the onset, or feel the need for water between many poses, it is a likely indicator of dehydration. Drinking water outside of class should be done by schedule and not by our thirst.  If we are thirsty during class, we are already behind in proper hydration.

The truth is, water alone is not enough for us far-reaching-always-striving-& breathing very devoted yogis. Our water needs fuel to really power us and that fuel is delivered by electrolytes.

Electrolytes are minerals that, when dissolved in water, break into small electrically charged particles called ions. Electrolytes regulate our body's fluids by maintaining our Ph balance  and creating the electrical impulses essential to all our physical activity. Water then serves as a conductor, allowing ions to move across membranes and carry fluid, nutrients and waste. In this process, electrons signal nerve impulses and voluntary muscle function. So replacing lost fluid is just as important as replenishing the lost electrolytes, and not doing so will not only hinder our potential as glorious yogis, but it would also put us at risk for harming ourselves.

I have an excellent reminder to a DIY remedy that will not only help us catch up, but also keep us ahead with electrolyte power! Electrolytes are so essential! I will share a life saving potion with you:

Hocus pocus, all yogis focus
Shake some water with salt and lime
Only helps us to feel divine

Electrolytes can be taken in supplement form like in Emergency C or NUUN tablets, but less processed forms can be found like in my pagan potion formula above or in the never disappointing force of coconut water.

Coconut water!!!! It’s is like holy juice for the yogi!

In Hawaii, coconut water is called "noelani" and that means dew from the heavens. I would love to elaborate on the magic of this fruit but alas that's another namaste note. The better hydrated we are with fluids and electrolytes, the more we will sweat and feed our self-made feeling good space in our practice. We are masters of our own yoga fate and there are simple ways to live so that we may fulfill the destiny we want to create.

Always with breath,
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