Leah Shirley earned a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where she studied how exercise and human performance affects the anatomical structure and its function. In 2003 Leah became certified as a Bikram Yoga instructor, and through her practice, she has explored her passion for movement while educating others. In 2006 she continued her education at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and has enjoyed deepening her understanding of the human organism through movement and touch.

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Julie Yates discovered Bikram Yoga in 1998, and became a certified Instructor in 2008.  After years of working professionally as a Clinical Doctor of Pharmacy and seeing the often symptomatic treatment approach of traditional western medicine, she was inspired to see how a consistent yoga practice is not only therapeutically self-healing but also highly preventative.  Julie wants to share these physical and mental health tools with the community and her vision is to create a community wellness and practice space for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Merging her two worlds of pharmacy & yoga, Julie is a certified Ghosh Yoga Therapist and writes individualized therapeutic prescriptions using a combination of yoga postures, meditation and exercises according to a patient's individual needs.

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